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Icon imageAvailable with 70V transformer
Icon imageAntenna Distribution Capable
Icon imageBackbox Included
Icon imageBi-amp Only
Icon imagePolar Pattern - Cardioid
Icon imageCondenser (+48V)
Icon imageDigital Inputs
Icon imagePolar Pattern - Figure-Eight
Icon imageFlyable
Icon imageFrequency Agile
Icon imageFireWire Connectivity
Icon imagePolar Pattern - Hyper Cardioid
Icon imageLow Impedence Capable
Icon imageMagnetically Shielded
Icon imagePolar Pattern - Omnidirectional
Icon imagePassive or Bi-amp Operation
Icon imagePoll Mountable
Icon imagePowered Speaker
Icon imageRackmount Kit Included
Icon imagePolar Pattern - Super Cardioid
Icon imageRFI Shielded
Icon imagePolar Pattern - Line/Shotgun
Icon imageOn/Off Switch
Icon imageUSB Connectivity
Icon imageWeather Resistant
Icon imageFor use with Wireless Systems
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