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Rebate For Sennheiser Shotgun Mics!

November 13, 2012

Sennheiser is offereing consumers great incentives on two of its most popular mics. Any end user who purchases a ME 66 short shotgun capsule with any K6 power module can get $50 back via mail-in rebate. Or, purchase a MKE 400 compact shotgun mic and get a MZW 400 Wind-Muff free by mail-in rebate. This is a fantastic opportunity for your ENG and production customers.

Senn Shotgun Rebate


Contact your TMP Pro rep for details and downloadable rebate forms.

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Sennheiser's Rebates are back!

Sennheiser's Rebates are back!
- Posted on 2015-02-12

TMP Pro Infocomm 2012 Pro Audio AV Las Vegas NV

TMP Pro Distribution, a leader in Pro Audio and Commercial Audio supply and service, is proud to announce its participation at InfoComm 2012, held in Las Vegas, Navada, June 13-15.
- Posted on 2012-02-17

Shure Introduces QLX-D Digital Wireless Systems

Shure Introduces QLX-D Digital Wireless Systems
- Posted on 2014-07-07

TC Electronic Introduces Polytune 2

TC Electronic Introduces Polytune 2
- Posted on 2013-08-13

Lab.gruppen introduces D Series, the new integration superpower

Lab.gruppen introduces D Series, the new integration superpower
- Posted on 2014-06-26

NEW dbx DriveRack TR1616 BLU Link Digital Network Snake

TR1616 allows users to create a digital snake or network to the size they need with plug-and-play simplicity. In an easy to use and highly flexible way using the BLU link digital audio bus
- Posted on 2012-06-15

New Allen & Heath XB-10 Broadcast Mixer

Based on the larger XB-14, the XB-10 has 3 mic/line and 3 stereo inputs and equipped with a similar range of features specifically designed for broadcasters, including a telephone communication channel, mic channel on switch sensing,
- Posted on 2012-09-10

SRH1440 SRH1840 Professional Open Back Headphones Critical Mastering Monitoring

New Models Deliver Unique Sound Signature for Critical Mastering, Monitoring and Unparalleled Audiophile Listening
- Posted on 2012-02-07

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