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DPA Microphones Unveils New d:screet Slim at AES 2015

November 11, 2015

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 29, 2015 — DPA Microphones is excited to announce its new d:screet™ Slim Microphone at AES 2015 (Booth 727). Developed in response to a growing need, especially from the film industry, for a near-invisible bodyworn microphone, d:screet™ Slim features the company’s omnidirectional capsule element in a flat head, a slender cable and an exciting new button-hole mount accessory. Currently in beta-test stages with some of the industry’s most prominent sound engineers, this new solution is already gaining rave reviews.



The microphone’s new button-hole mount, which comes as an enclosed accessory, provides a 90-degree sound input angle, allowing the cable to lay flat against a surface rather than sticking straight out. It is also designed to fit into a space as small as two millimeters. The combination of the size and available accessories increases the number of mounting solutions as it can be placed virtually anywhere without being seen.


“After speaking with our users and colleagues in the industry, we took a closer look at how microphones were being concealed and developed a completely new and unique way we could address this requirement,” explains Mikkel Nymand, product manager for DPA Microphones. “The result was a microphone that is more easily hidden under clothes, a big necessity for television and film production. The nice thing about the new design is that it leaves a flatter footprint, but with the same high-quality sound for which DPA is known.”


The d:screet™ 4060 capsule with high sensitivity and the 4061 capsule with low sensitivity used on the d:screet™ Slim offer exceptional audio quality with low self-noise. As with all DPA microphones, this latest solution is compatible with all major wireless adapters. It is available in four color options – beige, white, black and brown. A refinement of DPAs currently available concealer solution is in the works as an added accessory, which is one of the many accessory solutions that DPA is currently developing.


“Most sound professionals are already familiar with DPA’s d:screet™ solution,” adds Nymand. “The d:screet™ Slim will now provide them with infinitely new possibilities. We’re especially excited to reach audio professionals who have always wanted the DPA sound, but needed an even more unobtrusive solution.”

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