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WORM - Wah / Phaser / Vibrato / Tremolo
  • True bypass
  • Mode selectable analog modulation effects: wah, phaser, vibrato, tremolo
  • Manual mode removes the modulation so the effects can be swept by hand
  • Optional expression pedal sweep capability
  • Tough and compact die-cast chassis
  • Power adapter included


WAILER WAH - Wah Pedal
  • Traditional rack and pinion style operating mechanism
  • Super affordable
  • Rugged yet lightweight, at just over 1.5 pounds it’s lighter than most popular wah pedals and a real weight saver for your pedalboard
  • 9v battery included


VOICE BOX - Vocal Harmony Machine / Vocoder
  • Harmonically matches any electric instrument you plug into it
  • Professional quality pitch shifting algorithm produces realistic harmonies
  • The low & high harmony independently produces two harmony notes: 3rd and 5th
  • 9 accessible programmable presets
  • Natural glissando
  • Gender bender knob allows for male/female formant modification
  • Built-in mic pre with phantom power & gain switch
  • Balanced xlr line output: interface directly with any mixing board or a/d converter
  • Power supply included


V256 - Vocoder
  • Blend control
  • 9 programmable memory locations
  • Vocoder band adjustment from 8-256 bands
  • Gender bender for male or female emphasis adjust
  • Reflex tune for articulate vocal pitch correction
  • 3 robotic voices and single, major and minor drones all with pitch control
  • Xlr microphone connecter with phantom power
  • Transposition for pitch shifting
  • Instrument control for monophonic pitch replacement
  • Power supply included


US9.6DC-200 - Power Adapter
  • Battery eliminator
  • 9.6VDC-200 mA regulated barrel adapter
  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm center negative


US BM - Distortion / Sustainer
  • True bypass
  • Singing sustain with attitude
  • Crushing distortion
  • Adjustable tone
  • 9v battery included


TURNIP - Overdrive / Reverb Multi-Effect
  • Soul food goes from clean boost to classic distortion and can easily drive a guitar amp into saturation
  • Holy grail max delivers four studio quality reverbs: spring, hall, plate and reverse
  • An effects loop lets you put a single pedal or your entire pedalboard in between the soul food and holy grail max
  • An effect order toggle switch lets you put either the soul food or holy grail max first in the chain
  • Power supply included


TRIPARALLEL - Effects Loop Mixer / Switcher
  • Run up to three fx loops in parallel and create sounds that are not possible by connecting effects in series
  • Switch seamlessly between fx loops in xor mode
  • Send one instrument out to three separate amplifiers
  • Mix three instruments into a single output
  • Power supply included


TRIBM - Distortion / Sustainer
  • The authentic v1 triangle big muff reissued in a nano-sized chassis
  • Effect status led
  • True bypass
  • Vintage look and graphics
  • 9v battery included


TRI CNTLR - Remote Footswitch
  • Increases functionality and control over compatible devices
  • Compact, durable, easy-to-use
  • Works with ehx pedals and those made by other makers
  • Comes with a trs (tip-ring-sleeve) cable
  • No power required


THING - Single Sideband Modulator
  • Multi-wave selection for modulation and ring mod
  • Low pass filter for ring mod and single side band modes
  • Fine and depth control for frequency select and amount
  • Tune switch to adjust frequency to your pitch
  • Upper and lower sideband isolation
  • High quality whammy style effects with expression pedal
  • Pitch shifting with pitch modulation and vibrato
  • Fully programmable
  • Power adapter included


TATTOO - Analog Delay / Chorus / Distortion Multi-Effect
  • All analog multi-effect: distortion, chorus, delay
  • Delivers three ehx favorites in one compact pedal
  • Crushing lead and rhythm tone
  • Full tone sculpting, including two levels of scoop
  • New noise gate for minimal noise
  • Power adapter included


TALK - Vocal Formant Filter
  • Vocal vowel filter w/ 7 vowel modes
  • Wah and baseballs modes
  • Adjustable sensitivity control allows both up and down filter sweeps
  • Attack and decay knobs control the speed of the envelope follower while it sweeps the filters
  • External effects loop capability allows effects to be placed on the filters without changing the envelope follower's dynamics.
  • 9 presets
  • Power adapter included


SYNTH9 - Synthesizer Machine
  • Transforms the tone of your guitar or bass into that of a vintage synthesizer
  • 9 presets that were created to emulate many of the most popular synthesizer sounds ever
  • Works on guitar or bass without modifications, special pickups or midi implementation
  • The synth9’s usable tracking range extends up to about the 23rd fret on the high-e string of a standard guitar and down to the open a-string on a bass guitar
  • Use the synth9 with a b9 or c9 organ machine as well as the key9 electric piano machine and mel9 tape replay machine to create your own mega-keyboard setup
  • Power adapter included


SWITCHBLADE PRO - Deluxe Switcher
  • Switch between two amps or turn them both on at once
  • Setup your effects loops to run in series or parallel, control what loops are on and, in series mode, what their order is.
  • Multi-instrumentalists can connect up to three instruments into one amplifier
  • Mix three instruments together and control the volume of each.
  • With its dry level control, the switchblade pro is great for bass players
  • The switchblade pro prevents tone-suck when vintage, non-true bypass pedals in its fx loops are disengaged
  • Can provide an adjustable volume boost with up to 6db of clean gain
  • Power adapter included


SWITCH+ - Channel Selector
  • Route your signal to output a or output b or both simultaneously
  • Easily switch between different pedal boards
  • The tuner jack is hardwired to the input jack and provides a direct output for a tuner or other effects regardless of the state of the unit
  • The audio path is completely passive
  • Power adapter included


SUPERPULSAR - Stereo Tap Tremolo
  • Analog tremolo with stereo in/out, mono in/stereo out, stereo in/mono out and mono in/mono out
  • Adjustable modulation waveforms include sine wave, triangle and pulse waves, plus 9 rhythmic patterns that may be changed by the user and saved
  • Modulation rate set by rate knob, tap tempo fsw, external tap fsw or external clock
  • The waveform phase for the right channel may be adjusted from 0 degrees to 360 degrees in relation to the left channel
  • Modulation rate and depth can interact with your playing by adding envelope follower modulation to each parameter
  • Save and recall up to 8 presets
  • Power adapter included


SUPER SWITCH - Programmable Effects Hub
  • Extensive i/o maximizes flexibility and control
  • Features mono and stereo send/return, insert send/return and mono/stereo out
  • Equipped with tuner and tap tempo outs, midi in & out and more
  • Features eight mechanical-relay controlled, true bypass loops
  • Provides 128 presets: 16 banks with 8 presets each
  • Tap footswitch sets the bpm. the super switcher can be configured to send/receive midi clock and send tap signals to the output. bpm can be global or per preset
  • Tuner footswitch sends the input signal to the tuner out and cuts off the signal from any loops or output
  • Boost footswitch engages a knob adjustable, output gain boost on both the left and right channels
  • Power adapter included


STEREO MISTRESS - Flanger / Chorus
  • Truly independent stereo outputs
  • Individual flanger
  • Individual chorus
  • Chorus and flanger may be used together
  • Filter matrix mode available allowing you to manually sweep the flanger
  • Tough and compact die-cast chassis
  • Power adapter included


STEREO HAZARAI - Delay & Looper
  • 30 second stereo looper with continuous overdubbing, reverse, speed adjust and tempo only adjust
  • Up to 3 seconds of stereo echo with adjustable reverberant washes
  • Up to 3 seconds of stereo multi-tap delay with adjustable number of taps and taps amplitude envelope
  • Up to 300 ms stereo echo with modulation
  • Up to 3 seconds of intelligent reverse echo
  • Adjustable lowpass or highpass filter available in every mode
  • Ping pong delay when used as mono in to stereo out
  • True stereo outputs
  • Tap tempo footswitch for setting the delay time in every mode
  • 8 user presets to save and recall
  • Tough and compact die-cast chassis


SPACEDRUM - Analog Drum Synthesizer
  • Analog drum synthesizer dripping with vintage sound and vibe
  • Creates an awesome array of percussive sounds ranging from really deep kicks to high toms to sci-fi drums
  • Triggers via the on-board pushbutton, an external (non-midi) drum pad and most clock generators
  • Process external sounds thru its aux in
  • Rugged die-cast chassis, includes ehx9.6dc-200ma psu, also accepts a 9v battery
  • Works great with the ehx clockworks rhythm generator/synthesizer, 8 step program ananlog expression/cv sequencer and other similar devices
  • Power adapter included


SOVDLXBM - Distortion / Sustainer
  • A fully integrated pedal that combines the “civil war” / “tall font” green russian big muffs plus the deluxe big muff pi
  • Foot-switchable mids eq section that delivers extensive sound shaping control
  • High q / low q switch
  • Wicker switch to open up high frequency bandwidth
  • Noise gate
  • Expression pedal input
  • 9v battery included


SOULFOOD - Transparent Distortion / Fuzz / Overdrive
  • Transparent overdrive
  • Boosted power rails for extended headroom and definition
  • Super responsive
  • Compact, rugged design
  • Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass modes
  • Power adapter included


SOUL PREACHER - Compressor / Sustainer
  • True bypass
  • Sustain control adjusts the amount of sustain
  • Volume control sets the output level
  • Attack toggle switch provides 3 switch selectable settings of attack: fast, medium, slow
  • Fast attack: gives an aggressive hit with about a 20ms rise time. fast and musical
  • Medium attack presents a slower rise time of about 50ms, smooth and defined
  • Slow attack brings a musical 100ms rise time for a softer
  • Tough and compact die-cast chassis
  • 9v battery included


SOUL POG - Overdrive / Octave Multi-Effect
  • Multi-effect pedal combines the soul food transparent od and nano pog polyphonic octave generator
  • Soul food delivers transparent overdrive with great touch, response and headroom
  • Nano pog features a polyphonic sub-octave and octave up with flawless tracking
  • Use either effect alone or combine them in any order
  • Choose between two different octave-up sounds
  • Built-in fx loop
  • Power adapter included


SNGL EXP - Single Output Expression Pedal
  • Single-output design
  • The pedal’s sweep can be fine-tuned with the range knob while sweep direction can be flipped with the reverse button
  • Polarity switch for maximum compatibility with a wide range of gear
  • Advanced polymer construction yields a roadworthy pedal with a significant weight savings
  • Affordable
  • Six foot trs cable included
  • No power required


SLAMMI PLUS - Pitch Shifter
  • Flawless, glitch-free transposing over a +/three octave range
  • Three shift modes: up, down and dual
  • Dual pitch shifting mode where the slammi plus generates two separate pitch shift intervals simultaneously
  • An x-fade function where the pitch shift interval is fixed (does not bend) and the foot pedal cross-fades between your dry note and pitch shifted note or cross-fades from one pitch shifted interval to another
  • Fully polyphonic all the time
  • More flexibility in setting the heel position’s pitch shifted interval
  • A blend control that lets you fine tune the wet/dry mix
  • Rugged, weight saving chassis with a traditional rack and pinion style operating mechanism
  • 9v battery included


SILENCER - Noise Gate & Effects Loop
  • Three controls for precise fine-tuning
  • Use it as an inline noise gate or to gate an entire effects loop
  • Delivers up to -70db of noise reduction
  • Features 8ms to 4 seconds of release time
  • Buffered bypass
  • Compact design, rugged chassis
  • 9v battery included


SEGO PLUS - Synth Engine / Multi-Effects
  • Creates synth effects, sound layers, glissandos, infinite sustain and more
  • Four freeze modes
  • Built-in effects section with 11 effect types
  • Exp input for effect parameter control
  • Exp presets sweep between snapshots of 7 knob parameters; create and save one set of snapshots for each fx type
  • Live effects mode where the dry signal is routed thru the built-in effects and the internal synth engine is disabled
  • Ext jack for a 3-button controller
  • Power adapter included


SEGO - Synth Engine
  • Auto mode captures and freezes notes and chords as you play
  • Controllable glissando
  • Sustain notes and chords as long as wanted
  • Insert effects into the wet signal with the effects loop
  • Latch mode with a layer feature to stacksounds
  • Power adapter included


  • Classic fuzztone
  • True bypass for maximum signal path integrity
  • Rugged die-cast package
  • 9v battery included


RUS BM - Distortion / Sustainer
  • A faithful reissue of the legendary green russian big muff from the mid 1990s
  • Revered by guitarists and bassists
  • Vintage-correct army green chassis
  • Controls for tone, sustain and volume
  • Compact and pedalboard friendly
  • True bypass for maximum signal path integrity in bypass mode
  • 9v battery included


RIDDLE - Envelope Filter for Guitar
  • 80 hz to 5 khz frequency response tailored for guitar
  • Optional expression pedal control
  • Fully-analog circuit
  • Switch selectable analog distortion designed for guitar
  • Start and stop sweep control
  • Low pass, band pass, high pass filter select
  • Start and stop for filter sweep and q control
  • Separate dry and effect outputs
  • Power adapter included


RAVISH - Sitar Emulator
  • Transform your electric guitar into a sitar
  • Lead sitar voice tracks your notes polyphonically with a wide range of tonal possibilities
  • Selectable decay speed for the lead voice
  • Sympathetic string drone simulation with a wide tonal range
  • Selectable keys and scales including major, minor and exotic provided for the sympathetic strings
  • Power adapter included


RAMS HEAD - Distortion / Sustainer
  • The authentic v2 violet ram’s head big muff in a nano-sized chassis
  • Effect status led
  • True bypass
  • Vintage look and graphics
  • 9v battery included


Q-TRON+ - Envelope Filter with Effects Loop
  • True bypass
  • Dedicated effects loop allows you to place any effect or pedal board into the loop
  • Fx send and return without changing the envelope drive
  • Selectable low pass, band pass and high pass filters
  • Resonant peak control to adjust the filter's q from subtle to dramatic
  • Response switch changes the reaction time of envelope follower from fast to slow
  • Switchable hi or lo frequency sweep ranges
  • Adjustable gain knob and boost switch
  • Sweep direction switch for up or down filter sweeps
  • Power adapter included


POLYXO - Analog Chorus / Flanger / Slapback Echo
  • Mode selectable analog effects: chorus, flange, double track and filter matrix
  • Double track is a short slapback echo
  • Filter matrix mode disengages the sweep flange adjustment for manual flange tones
  • All effects have control over feedback and tune/delay
  • Sweep filter switch
  • Stereo outputs
  • Power adapter included


POG2 - Polyphonic Octave Generator
  • True bypass
  • Totally programmable 8-preset memory with instant recall
  • Four polyphonic mixable voices + your guitar
  • Attack delay slider controls the fade-in speed of the octaves
  • Low pass filter with selectable q
  • Dry signal can be routed through the attack, lp, and detune faders
  • Flawless polyphonic glitch-free tracking
  • Can be daisy chained with other pedals and power supplies
  • Power adapter included


PLATFORM - Stereo Compressor/Limiter
  • Studio-quality compressor/limiter lets the user precisely tune dynamics regardless of the instrument or situation.
  • The compressor/limiter includes a full complement of controls: volume, attack, release and sustain, plus pushbuttons for hard or soft knee and the limiter
  • Foot-switchable overdrive section adds versatility and includes dedicated controls for volume, tone and drive. together with the compressor it produces a sound that’s saturated, smooth and slippery
  • Adjustable swell function creates bowed, fade in and reverse effects
  • True stereo operation, can be used as mono in and out, mono in and stereo out, or stereo in and stereo out
  • Features a three color, eight led compression meter that displays the compressor’s actual gain reduction in real-time
  • Stereo buffered bypass that’s great for keeping your signal pristine with multiple pedal setups and long cable runs
  • Power adapter included


OVERLORD - Allied Overdrive
  • Silent foot-switchable normal and boost modes deliver distortion ranging from mild to saturated
  • Normal mode uses three jfet gain stages for tube amp-style response and tone
  • Boost mode adds a classic pedal-type overdrive circuit before the jfet stages
  • Three-position switch lets the user select the proper input level for their instrument. it’s great with guitar, bass, keyboards…
  • Active treble, mid and bass controls, plus a dry blend, for total tone shaping
  • Fully stereo capable, equipped with left and right 1/4'' input and output jacks
  • Power supply included


OPAMPBM - Distortion / Sustainer
  • A faithful reissue of the original classic circa 1978
  • Iconic sound and vibe that’s coveted by guitarists
  • Controls for tone, sustain and volume, plus a tone bypass switch
  • True bypass switching for maximum signal integrity in bypass mode
  • Rugged, compact, die-cast package… pedalboard friendly
  • 9v battery included


ODGLOVE - MOSFET Overdrive / Distortion
  • Versatile mosfet overdrive/distortion
  • Tone shift switch
  • Selectable 9v or 18v internal voltage
  • True bypass
  • Tough, compact die-cast chassis
  • 9v battery included


OCTAVIX - Octave Fuzz
  • Classic octave up + fuzztone effect pedal
  • Switchable 9 and 24 volt power rails give a saggy or tight sound
  • True bypass
  • Blue led
  • 9v battery included


OCTAVE - Analog Sub-Octave Generator
  • True bypass
  • Create very smooth and natural bass tones one octave below your played note
  • Sub-octave is switch-selectable
  • Hi and low filter controls let you tailor the perfect bass tone
  • Tough and compact die-cast chassis
  • 9v battery included


OCEANS12 - Dual Stereo Reverb
  • 2 simultaneous, independent, stereo reverb engines
  • Series and parallel control for the dual reverbs
  • 24 presets
  • Stereo in/out or mono send/return with pre and post reverb options
  • Tide control for stereo image alteration
  • Lo-fi control
  • Infinite attenuation control
  • Tap tempo to set your pre-delay time, echo time and more
  • Input jack for external expression and 3-button footswitch control
  • Power supply included


OCEANS11 - Reverb
  • 11 different reverb types: hall, spring, plate, revrs, echo, trem, mod, dyna, auto-inf, shim and poly
  • Tails switch. select whether the reverb fades out naturally or stops immediately when the pedal is switched to bypass
  • Easy access to powerful “hidden” parameters thru secondary knob mode
  • Able to produce infinite reverb you can play over in most settings
  • Power supply included


NSMALL - Analog Phase Shifter
  • Variable rate control allows slow and smooth to rapid edge frequency sweeps
  • Color switch turns up the feedback for a more pronounced phase shifter effects
  • Tough and compact die-cast chassis
  • 9v battery included


NLPB1 - Linear Power Booster
  • True bypass
  • Tough and compact die-cast chassis
  • 9v battery included


NEOMIS - Flanger
  • Classic flanger sounds with sweep and speed control
  • Filter matrix mode freezes the sweep of the flanger allowing manual control of the flanger setting
  • True bypass
  • 9v battery included


NEOCLONE - Analog Chorus
  • Same amazing chorus as the legendary small clone
  • Pedal board friendly foot print
  • Total analog design
  • Sultry sonic texture with depth control
  • 9v battery included


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