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QBOX - All-In-One Audio Line Tester
  • Includes a microphone, a speaker, a test tone generator
  • Outputs for standard headphones
  • 1/4" jack for line-in or a 2k Ohm (telephone) earpiece out
  • For an instant hands-free intercom, just plug in headphones and hook up one Qbox on each end of a line and use the built-in microphone.
  • Use it to monitor a standard 3-wire intercom feed - LEDs confirm the presence of intercom or phantom power.
  • Use it as a squawk box to the stage from the main audio console during set-up.
Series: Tester



CABDRIVER - Speaker Component Tester
  • Test device for checking the operation of the speaker components within enclosures
  • Pink noise signal source
  • Connects via Speakon NL8 and NL4, 1/4" TS and banana jacks
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
Series: Tester



  • NL4/NL8 multiline speaker, XLR and RJ45 cable
  • Tester
Series: Tester



Galaxy Audio
CM-C200 - GALAXY CM-C200
  • CHECK MATE CALIBRATOR: conforms to IEC 60942 2003
  • Class 2, weighs .41lbs, calibration level 94dB &
  • 114 @ 1kHz, fits, 1", 1/2", & 1/4" diameter mic



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