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    MediaCento VX Single-Port Transmitter

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    • Distance (Maximum)
    • When used with AVX-VGA-TP-SRX receiver: 492 ft. (150 m); When used with AVX-VGA-TP-LRX or AVX-VGA-TP-CSRX receiver: 1000 ft. (300 m)
    • Resolution (Maximum)
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    Further Details

  • Extend high-quality multimedia video over CATx cable
    Use ordinary copper UTP cable to distribute analog RGB video to multiple screens with the MediaCento VX system.

  • Send signals the distance
    The extender sends eight channels of VGA video, stereo audio, and serial signals 492 feet (150 m) or 1000 feet (300 m), or more than 2000 feet (609.6 m) when the distribution chain includes the family's cascadable receiver repeaters.

  • Easy integration
    The transmitter and receivers install directly into an existing non-networked CATx infrastructure. There's no longer the need to pull new VGA cables to distribute video to distant monitors and displays.

  • Support for common VGA resolutions
    The system supports most common VGA resolutions, including WUXGA (1920 x 1200), Full HD (1920 x 1080), and UXGA (1600 x 1200) video on analog connectors, even at the longer distances.

  • User-friendly GUI
    MediaCento VX features a unique, user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for managing all VGA screen connections. No more fiddling with complex commands. Not only can you use the GUI to enable or disable audio/video output simply by clicking on icons, but you can also put extender devices into groups for easier control of screen connections - great for managing broadcasting and command and control applications.

  • Signal auto detection
    The MediaCento VX system automatically detects and indicates signal from the video source.

  • Independent ports
    You can independently turn on/off of video and audio ports.

  • Easy expansion and configuration
    Simply add devices to a group that you'd like to control at the same time. You can also use the icon-based menu to easily add a transmitter to a connection pattern branch, set up and remove branches from a device, copy and paste a device branch to the another device, apply settings to all extender devices, and more.

  • Transmit RS-232 (TX/GND) signals
    For connection to a management computer, the MediaCento VX Single-Port Transmitter includes an RJ-11 cable and RJ-11/DB9 converter for connecting via RS-232.

  • Adjust video image quality for longer cable runs
    Long-range receivers feature advanced skew compensation, sharpness, and brightness controls, which make it easy to fine-tune the video image quality over longer CATx cable runs.

  • Local video and audio ports
    A second VGA port and second 3.5-mm audio jack on the extender transmitter enable you to connect a local monitor and speakers.

  • Optimal PC-to-screen performance
    The MediaCento VX system features EDID copy function and is HDCP-compliant.

  • Cascade to additional 4-port of 8-port transmitters
    Optionally use the local VGA port to cascade to as many as three other 8-port (AVX-VGA-TP-TX-8) or 4-port (AVX-VGA-TP-TX-4) transmitters. For it to work as a downstream broadcaster, just slide a switch on the back panel to activate cascade mode and set its master/slave switch to "master," telling it to work as the source provider. (When the switch is in the "slave" position, the transmitter works as a duplicator in a cascade.)

  • MediaCento VX is great for:
  • Any digital signage application with VGA screens near CATx wallplates.
  • Sending video to distant classroom monitors in schools.
  • Sharing video with older VGA monitors in control rooms.
  • Distributing legacy VGA video across a hospital campus.
  • Extending corporate video to monitors in different rooms.
  • Anywhere you need to quickly manage video output on groups of screens (government buildings, transit stations, malls, and retail stores).

  • Want to expand to even more screens in a system
    Order one or more of our cascadable, long-range receivers (see AVX-VGA-TP-CSRX). They can be linked via their RJ-45 ports to work as signal repeaters (with a maximum of four units in a chain) and/or be used to cascade via their VGA video ports to another transmitter. Depending on the transmitters and receivers ordered, the system supports as many as 32 threads and more than 1000 displays in a VGA distribution network. For details and help configuring your MediaCento VX setup, contact Black Box Tech Support.

    What's included:
  • Transmitter
  • Power supply with 6-ft. (1.8-m) cord
  • 3.5-mm stereo audio cable
  • RJ-11 control cable
  • RJ-11-to-DB9 serial converter
  • Ground cable
  • (4) rubber feet
  • User manual and driver on CD

  • NOTE: This unit does not support RS-232 out of local output.
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    MediaCento VX Single-Port Transmitter
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    Product Specs

    Distance (Maximum) When used with AVX-VGA-TP-SRX receiver: 492 ft. (150 m);
    When used with AVX-VGA-TP-LRX or AVX-VGA-TP-CSRX receiver: 1000 ft. (300 m)
    MTBF 90,000 hours
    Resolution (Maximum) 1920 x 1200 at maximum distance
    User Controls (1) EDID copy button
    CE Approval Yes
    RoHS Yes
    Connectors Video input: (1) HD15 F (VGA);
    Audio input: (1) 3.5-mm jack (stereo);
    Serial input: (1) DB9 F (RS-232 TX/GND signals);
    Local video output: (1) HD15 F (VGA);
    Local audio input: (1) 3.5-mm jack (stereo);
    System configuration: (1) RJ-11 (connects to a host's serial port via included control cable and RJ-11/DB9 converter);
    Interconnect: (1) RJ-45;
    Power: (1) 2.1-mm barrel jack;
    Ground: (1) ground connector
    Indicators (2) LEDs: (1) Power/Source Input, (1) Link
    Power External, in-line adapter:
    Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 0.6 amps (maximum);
    Output: 12 VDC, 1.5 amps (maximum);
    Consumption: 18 watts
    Size 1.6"H x 5"W x 4"D (4.1 x 12.7 x 10.2 cm)
    Weight 1 lb. (0.45 kg)

    This product works with:
    â?¢ MediaCento VX Standard Receiver (AVX-VGA-TP-SRX)
    � MediaCento VX Long-Range Receiver (AVX-VGA-TP-LRX)
    â?¢ MediaCento VX Cascadable Long-Range Receiver (AVX-VGA-TP-CSRX)

    NOTE: Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight.
    • Manuals

      MediaCento VX User Manual
      User Manual for the AVX-VGA-TP-TX, AVX-VGA-TP-TX-4, AVX-VGA-TP-TX-8, AVX-VGA-TP-SRX, AVX-VGA-TP-LRX, & AVX-VGA-TP-CSRX (Version 1)
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