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24 Track Digital Multitrack Recorder

The best of both worlds, the TASCAM Model 24 is a full featured 24 Track Digital Multitrack Recorder and 24 Channel USB Audio Interface with integrated Analog Mixdown capabilities. From stage to studio, the Model 24 helps you bring your music together in one easy-to-use device.
  • Model 24 enables you to record and play back any combination of 24 tracks of digital audio as well as perform overdubs and punch-ins quickly and
  • With enough inputs to capture an entire band in a single take, the Model 24 provides quick and easy signal routing to and from your computer without having to stop to re-patch and re-set levels
  • Featuring 12 Mono input channels and 4 Mono/Stereo channels, the TASCAM Model 24 is flexible enough to support most groups on stage but compact enough to carry to the gig
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Recording. Reinvented.
Uniquely TASCAM, the Model 24 is a powerful 24-Track multitrack recording solution featuring USB DAW integration and comprehensive analog mixing capabilities for final mixing and mastering of your tracks. Building on a legacy of industry-leading recording solutions such as the TASCAM 38 Open Reel 8-track, the DA-88 Digital 8-track and - of course - the legendary Portastudio family of Analog Cassette and Digital Multitrack recorders, the Model 24 is a complete, standalone 24 track recording studio. Featuring multitrack, bounce and punch-in capabilities, this rugged, portable solution can make any gig a recording session at the touch of a button.

When it's time to mix things up, the Model 24 is ready to stand and deliver. From the high-quality, low-noise mic preamps to the 100mm faders, the Model 24 features an array of channel configurations optimized for microphones, instruments, synths, media players and even smartphones and tablets. The addition of powerful EQ, flexible Aux routing and onboard digital effects make the Model 24 the ideal FOH solution for clubs, Houses of Worship, rehearsal halls and corporate installations.

But the Model 24 is not limited to road work. Equally at home in the studio, the Model 24 features an integrated 24 in/24 out USB audio interface for easy connection to Mac or PC based DAWs. With enough inputs to track a full band live and full access to EQ and effects on mixdown, the Model 24 brings analog warmth and hands-on control to computer based recording.
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24 Track Digital Multitrack Recorder
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