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Yamaha Commercial Audio
M7CL-48ES 48X24 SYST

M7CL-48ES with 48x24 Stagebox System

Call INV#80538
  • M7CL-48ES Digital Mixing Console with three SB168-ES stageboxes connected via EtherSound Ports
  • A third port (EtherSound) is provided for permanent connection to a computer.
  • 8 assignable omni inputs and outputs, and 3 Mini-YGDAI card slots
  • Virtual effect and EQ rack: up to 4 simultaneous multi-effect processors; up to 8 simultaneous 31-band graphic Eqs
  • Centralogic interface: central, logical, and intuitive
  • Dual power modes: use the built in power supply, or add an external PW800W power supply unit for failsafe dual-supply operation
  • Product Image: 80538_M7CL-48ES-48x24-System_YAMAHA_main.jpg

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56 Channel Digital Console With EtherSound PortsM7CL-48ES With 32x16 Stagebox System
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Specifically designed for use with SB168-ES EtherSound stage boxes, the M7CL-48ES replaces the 48 internal head amps of the M7CL-48 with two EtherSound ports that provide plug-and-play connection to up to three SB168-ES units.

SB168-ES EtherSound Compliant 16in/8out Stagebox
The SB168-ES is a 3U-size stage box that utilizes EtherSound technology to propagate digital sound signals. When connected to popular all-in-one digital consoles like the PM5D, LS9, or M7CL, the SB168-ES offers superb support for live sound. 16 channels of sonically-superb remote analog input ‐ each with its own head amp ‐ combine with 8 channels of analog output to let you chain multiple units in sequence for simultaneous use. The SB168-ES also functions as both as a conventional EtherSound device ‐ an analog input-output box. Compared to a conventional analog console + analog multicore the SB168-ES is noise resistant, and lets you boost quality by keeping the length of microphone cables as short as possible. Even more, the SB168-ES is easy to set up, so that any time, effort, or money needed for equipment installation are significantly reduced.


Mixing channels: 48 Mono + 4 Stereo

GROUP: 16 MIX (Group/AUX) busses

AUX: 16 MIX (Group/AUX) busses

MAIN: Stereo Mono

MATRIX: 8 (Can be used as AUX by "Input to Matrix" function)


Input channel functions: HPF Attenuator 4-band PEQ 2x Dynamics Pan (LR or LCR with CSR)

Output channel functions: Attenuator 4-band PEQ Dynamics

On-board processors: 4x GEQ 4x GEQ/SPX (GEQ: 31-band or 2x Flex15) 68x Output port delay

Mic inputs: 0 (Use SB168-ES for physical I/O)

Line inputs: 4x Stereo (Compliant with mic input)

AD converter: 24-bit; 128-time over sampling

Line outputs: 8 Omni output

DA converter: 24-bit; 128-time over sampling

Digital I/O: 3x EtherSound 2tr out

Expansion slots: 3x Mini-YGDAI (16-in/16-out)

Control: Ethernet MIDI Remote (HA remote)

Other: USB (Storage/Key), Word clock I/O, 2x Lamp (12V)
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Yamaha Commercial Audio
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M7CL-48ES 48X24 SYST
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Digital Mixers
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M7CL-48ES with 48x24 Stagebox System
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