Maple Drum Sticks (SD1, Round Tip, 12 pr)

Brand: On-Stage
Model: MWSD1
UPC: 659814149544
Products Variants:
Delivers strength, stability, and durability you can rely on
Enables precise playing for a wide range of music styles
Great for playing your drum kit or band-and-orchestra percussion
Provides a long-lasting supply of sticks
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Product Properties


The all-purpose MWSD1 Drum Sticks fit right in on multiple music styles and instruments, giving you or your students the ability to use them to play anything from percussion for concert band and orchestra to drum kits for rock, jazz, and pop. Their shortened taper and small spherical tip produce definition and clarity on snares, toms, and cymbals, providing a blank canvas for you to develop your technique and express yourself musically. With their straightforward, transparent tone as a foundation, these sticks give you the freedom to create your own tonal palette to suit your needs from moment to moment. Crafted from select maple, they possess the lightness, flexibility, and rebound you need for quick, agile, articulate playing. Their balanced feel enables a comfortable grip for pinpoint control, perfect for covering a wide range of music genres, playing styles, live performance settings, recording applications, and practice systems. The stable, kiln-dried wood used in their production prevents warping so these sticks stay straight for consistent operation, making it easier for you to execute precise hits and disciplined rimshots. Their durable solid-wood construction, sanded to a smooth finish, ensures dependable performance that resists chipping and breaking. These versatile sticks come in a compact "brick" of 12 pairs, providing you with a long-lasting supply of 24 sticks that's easy to store and transport. For retailers, the bricks stack easily to help you keep your stockroom organized.

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