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EXCITER - Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom
  • Legendary stereo audio enhancement for live sound, recording, DJ and fixed installation
  • Increased presence and clarity
  • Greater perceived loudness
  • Improved detail and intelligibility
  • Extended low frequencies
  • Tighter bass articulation
Series: Processors


320D - Stereo Audio Level Controller
  • Balanced analog Input/Output
  • AES digital Input/Output
  • Dual mono or stereo operation
Series: Processors


HEADPOD 4 - High Output Headphone Amplifier
  • Great for studio, live and broadcast environments where clean sound and low fatigue are critical
  • Four independent stereo power amplifiers for ultra low crosstalk and efficiency
  • Doesn’t load down existing headphone outputs, improving their sound
  • Durable metal construction, sleek design and small size
  • Analog and digital inputs with top panel selector


PUNCH FACTORY - Optical Compressor Pedal
  • Ideal to get consistent levels on guitar, bass or any other electric instrument
  • Transparent operation inaudibly evens out volume
  • Preserves the attack of your instrument
  • Your performance will always sit just right in the mix
  • All the benefits of compression without the unwanted artifacts


CHANNEL - Master Preamp & Input Processor
  • Complete channel strip for voice and instruments in recording, broadcast and live sound applications
  • Patented RPA Tube Pre Amp
  • EasyRider® Class A Automatic Compressor
  • Patented Logic Assisted Gate
  • Universal de-esser
  • Patented Aural Exciter® and Big Bottom®
  • S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital outputs
Series: Mic Pre


240 - Dual Logic Assisted Gate and Easy Rider Compressor
  • Indispensable for live sound
  • The patented EasyRider compressor automatically self-adjusts based on input program
  • The compressor and gate work as a seamlessly integrated system
  • The patented Logic Assisted Gate provides reliable, accurate and stable noise gating
  • Based on Aphex’s 1001 Class A VCA, used in the Compellor and Dominator
Series: Processors


120A - Servo Balanced Audio Distribution Amplifier
  • One input, four outputs with output trim adjustments
  • Transformerless design for wide, flat frequency response
  • Works for audio or time code


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