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VP88 - M-S Stereo Microphone with Internal Matrix, Batter
  • M-S Stereo with Internal Matrix, Battery Included


SE Electronics
SE8 (P) - High-performance small-diaphragm condenser microph
  • Matched pair of sE8s with moun
  • Ultra-precision electrode design optimized for superb linearity and natural sonics
  • True condenser technology
  • Precise, nearly frequency-independent cardioid pattern
  • For truly consistent off-axis response
  • Sophisticated acoustic design with precision components
  • Avoids coloration in demanding applications
  • The quietest pencil mic in its class
  • Extremely low noise without the use of integrated circuits
  • Transformerless design for excellent transparency and clarity
  • Proven Class-A circuitry ensures a high dynamic range and brilliant transient response without distortion
  • Two switchable attenuation levels
  • Provides extended dynamic range
  • Enables close-mic techniques for even the loud sources like brass instruments and snare drums
  • Prevents overloading your preamp or mixer
  • Two switchable low-cut filters
  • Selectable at either 80Hz or 160Hz
  • Help eliminate low-frequency rumble or footfall noise
  • Help compensate for excessive bass (proximity effect) with close-mic techniques
  • All-metal housing and premium finish
  • All-metal chassis provides efficient rejection of any electrical interference and noise
  • High-quality finish ensures a great look for years to come
  • Gold-plated XLR connector
  • Ensures loss-free, reliable signal connection for years
  • Factory-matched stereo pair
  • Every pair is selected from hundreds of individual microphones to provide identical performance and highest possible consistency


KM 184-MT-STEREOSET - Stereo set includes two each: KM 184, SG 21 BK, WN
  • Stereo set includes two each: KM 184, SG 21 BK,
  • WnS 100 in one woodbox


BP4025 - AT BP4025
  • X/Y stereo field recording microphone. 5-pin
  • XLRM-type output. 16.5' cable with two 3-pin
  • Balanced XLRM-type connectors at equipment end.


AT8024 - AT AT8024
  • Selectable mono or mid-side stereo microphone
  • With integrated camera shoe mount, three position
  • Input pad and red/green led power indicator.


KM 183-MT-STEREOSET - Stereo set includes two each: KM 183, SG 21 BK, WN
  • Stereo set includes two each: KM 183, SG 21 BK,
  • WnS 100 in one woodbox


U 87 AI-STEREO - Factory-matched stereo set includes two U 87 Ai wi
  • Factory-matched stereo set includes two U 87 Ai
  • With EA 87 in Mic Briefcase


KM184 STEREOSET - Miniature Microphone Stereo Set
  • Miniature microphones with 8 exchangeable capsules
  • Switchable 10 dB preattenuation
  • Set includes windshield and clamp
  • Transformerless circuitry
  • Extensive accessories


KM183 STEREOSET - Stereo set includes two each: KM 183, SG 21 BK, WN
  • Stereo set includes two each: KM 183, SG 21 BK,
  • WnS 100 in one woodbox


AT8022 - AT AT8022
  • X/Y stereo microphone. 5-pin XLRM-type output.
  • Includes two cables: one 6.5' balanced cable
  • (5-pin XLRF-type to two 3-pin XLRM-type) and one


USM 69 I MT SET - Stereo microphone set includes USM 69 i mt, AC 20,
  • Stereo microphone set includes USM 69 i mt, AC
  • 20, IC 6/25


MKE 440 - Stereo Microphone
  • Dual mini shotgun mics create frontal focus
  • Suppression of ambience and background noise
  • Built-in elastic suspension and wind protection
  • 3-level sensitivity adjustment and low-cut
  • Compact, all-metal construction
  • Standard size camera shoe mount


PRO24CM - PRO Series Stereo Condenser Microphone
  • Stereo microphone designed to attach to a camcorder
  • For camcorders with an accessory shoe and stereo microphone input
  • Lightweight, portable design with rugged all-metal construction
  • Pair of cardioid condenser elements provides spatial impact and high-fidelity stereo sound image
  • Battery-free operation when used with recording devices that provide plug-in power at the mic input
  • On/off switch for convenient operation
  • Includes camera-mount, windscreen, battery and protective pouch
  • Permanently attached 6”-12” coiled cable with right-angle molded 3.5 mm stereo mini plug at output end


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