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  • Z Keyboard Stand with Second Tier | KS1365
On-Stage Stands

Z Keyboard Stand with Second Tier

  • Holds two of your keyboards for ergonomic playing and efficient setup

  • Delivers outstanding stability to keep your equipment safe

  • Adjusts to match the size of your keyboard

  • Enables you to dial in a comfortable playing height

  • Second tier bumpers can be set to ensure proper key clearance

  • Disassembles for ease of storage and transportation

Product Attributes
First Tier Height Adjustment20.5″–33.75″
First Tier Depth16″
Width Adjustment21″–36″
Second Tier Height Adjustment16.5″–18″ above first tier
Second Tier Depth14.3″
Total Depth18.5″
Structural Tubing Dimensions1.4″ x 1.4″
Total Weight Capacity400 lbs.
Second Tier Weight Capacity60 lbs.
PaddingEVA rubber
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The heavy-duty yet portable KS1365 Z Keyboard Stand with Second Tier is an ergonomic setup that holds two of your keyboards, one above the other. In addition to making it easier to reach both instruments, this efficient configuration only uses as much room on the floor as a single stand.
The heavy-duty first-tier frame is constructed from steel that is entirely welded together, delivering strength and stability you can rely on to support 400 pounds of equipment including the second tier. To accommodate a variety of keyboards without occupying more space than necessary, the overall width adjusts to match the width of your keyboard.
The height of the first tier adjusts to a comfortable level for playing while you're sitting or standing. The second tier also adjusts in height and tilts to suit your preferred playing position. Your settings lock with tightening knobs for secure support of your keyboards. Nonslip padding on the first tier and rubber bumpers on the second tier provide outstanding instrument stability and protect your equipment against scratches. The angle of the bumpers can be set to ensure proper clearance for the keys. A built-in headphone hanger securely stores your headphones, keeping them safely out of the way yet well within reach.
The durable black finish blends into your livestream, stage, or studio setup for a professional presentation and resists chips and scratches to stay looking new. And for ease of load in, setup, teardown, and load out, the second tier detaches from the first, which easily disassembles into a few sections that lock together-no tools required.
Brand Name
On-Stage Stands
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Short Description:
Z Keyboard Stand with Second Tier
First Tier Height Adjustment
First Tier Depth
Width Adjustment
Second Tier Height Adjustment
16.5″–18″ above first tier
Second Tier Depth
Total Depth
Structural Tubing Dimensions
1.4″ x 1.4″
Total Weight Capacity
400 lbs.
Second Tier Weight Capacity
60 lbs.
EVA rubber
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