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    E6L-112 ENGINE

    VENUE | E6L-112 Engine

    VENUE | E6L-112 is a powerful processing engine at the heart of our mid-level system:
    • 112 input channels
    • 48 mix busses + LCR
    • 100 plug-in rack slots
    • 16 x 16 matrix
    • Includes 1 HDX-192 DSP card for sound processing (supports up to 2)
    • 2 expansion slots to add capabilities through option cards, including Waves SoundGrid support, Ethernet AVB, and MADI I/O
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    VENUE | E6L-112 is a powerful processing engine at the heart of our mid-level systems. With 112 input channels, 48 busses and 100 simultaneous plug-ins, its price-point should not deceive you into thinking it's anything less than the most powerful live sound processing engine in its class. When coupled with the S6L-24C or S6L-16C control surface, it should prove a great solution for current Profile or Mix Rack users wanting to move up to VENUE | S6L.
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    E6L-112 ENGINE
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    VENUE | E6L-112 Engine
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