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    VENUE | S6L-16C Control Surface

    Get the easiest entry into VENUE | S6L with a 16-fader control surface that's ultra-portable, but expansive in its capabilities. It's ideal for corporate events and live applications where space is tight:
    • 16 channel faders across 1 Channel Fader Module, plus 2 assignable faders in the Master Live Module
    • 32 assignable channel knobs (encoders) across 1 Channel Knob Module
    • 1 Master Live Module (provides control over global system parameters, such as channel banking, snapshots, and monitoring)
    • Local analog I/O and ancillary I/O, including ECx for remote control and DVI for connecting an external monitor (sold separately) for VENUE software display
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    VENUE | S6L-16C takes the 24C and scales it down into an ultra-compact footprint. This console comes into its own when space is at a premium but you do not want to compromise on audio quality or processing power. Again, all the same modules designed for the larger consoles are used here, providing S6L workflows on 16 faders and 32 encoders. Remember, even though this is a small format console, it can be connected to any E6L engine and leverage the full capacity of that engine.
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    VENUE | S6L-16C Control Surface
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