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    PR Series Short Body Large Diaphragm Dynamic Mic

    • 4" PR 30 that exhibits all specs of the PR 30

    • 40 dB of rear and side rejection

    • Perfect low profile answer for toms

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    The PR 31 BW was a suggestion of Bob Workman FOH Engineer for Charlie Daniels who uses Heil microphones exclusively. Bob uses the Heil PR 30 for just about every application but it was too large physically to fit in and around the drum kit so Bob suggested we 'cut it in half'. That is exactly what we did and the PR 31 BW was born - a 4" PR 30 that exhibits all specs of the PR 30. Same great frequency response, same wonderful front pattern and the incredible -40 dB of rear and side rejection which is perfect for using the PR 31BW as an UNDERHEAD microphone for cymbals.

    Placing a microphone under the cymbal has never been successful because the microphone hears everything around it. With the -40 dB of rear and side rejection of the PR 31 BW, the microphone does not hear anything but what it is pointed towards - in this case, the cymbal and nothing from the toms or other sounds close by.

    Using a right angle connector and our HH-1 rim mount, the PR 31BW is the perfect low profile answer for toms. The PR 31BW also works great in front of a guitar cabinet, the best brass horn and saxophone mic, inside a Leslie speaker and is perfect for acoustic pianos. It is your best 'go-to' microphone for just about everything, including vocals.
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    PR Series Short Body Large Diaphragm Dynamic Mic
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