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12" Indoor / Outdoor Coaxial System with Transformer (Black, 90° x 90°)

Model: R.5COAX99BT
UPC: 617174011017
Products Variants:
Corrosion-resistant zinc-rich epoxy dual-layer powder coated steel grille and yoke
DYNA-TECH protection circuitry
High efficiency
High power passive crossover
Integral mounting points
Multi-tap 200W autoformer for 70V and 100V inputs
Pattern control down to 630 Hz
Weather-treated drivers and crossovers
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Product Properties


The R.5COAX99T high fidelity, two-way, full-range loudspeaker system is engineered to provide quality full-range sound in a variety of outdoor and indoor applications. Its wide range, smooth frequency response and high efficiency ensure both high fidelity music reproduction and superb projection of clear intelligible speech with very low distortion. The R.5COAX99T comes with a factory-installed 200W, 70V/100V autoformer. Five-year limited product warranty; fifteen-year enclosure warranty.

Loudspeaker Type: 2-way, coaxial, weather-resistant, full-range
Operating Range: 90 Hz to 13 kHz (±3.5 dB)
Max Input Ratings: 200W, 70V/100V
Maximum Output on 200W Tap: 125 dB SPL
Nominal Impedance: 25 ohms
Nominal –6dB Beamwidth: 90°H x 90°V
Input Connection: 16-2 SJOW (12 ft /4 m)
Mounting/Rigging Provisions: (5) 3/8-16 rigging points
Environmental Performance: IEC529 IP54W rating with a minimum 5-degree downward aiming angle
Supplied Accessories: (1) Yoke bracket, (1) Aiming strap

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