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RoomMatch 70 X 60 Loudspeaker

Model: RM70X60
UPC: 017817657686
42 large-format waveguide patterns – allows designers to customize array coverage to exact venue dimensions to minimize wall reflections and deliver bestin-class sound quality even in venues with difficult acoustics
Bose Part # 626425-5590
Continuous-Arc Diffraction-Slot (CADS) Manifold – provides smooth high-frequency array summation and allows choice of 5 vertical-coverage patterns. Select number of array modules based on sound level, low-frequency pattern control and budget requirements, independent of total array vertical coverage
DeltaQ technology – next generation array technology that allows different “Q” (directivity) for each loudspeaker module in the array. Improves sound quality by better matching array coverage to audience areas and distance, with improved phase coherency
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Bose RoomMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers are designed for permanent installation in the finest performing arts centers, auditoriums, sports arenas, dance clubs and houses of worship, in which the large-format waveguides with choice of 42 coverage patterns can provide best-in-class coverage control, sound quality and vocal clarity even in venues with difficult acoustics.

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