Atlas Sound

Sound Masking Speaker Assembly

Model: M1000-USA
UPC: 4
Innovative input panel includes combination knock-out and strain relief connector to accommodate flexible or rigid conduit
Labor-saving hardware package - complete with new snap hanger
assembly, allows quick and easy installation
Pre-assembled unit includes 8" dia. loudspeaker, transformer,
enclosure, baffle and mounting hardware
Suitable for use above suspended ceiling systems or open ceiling spaces approved for use in air handling (plenum ceilings)
UL 1480 & UL 2043
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With a majority of America's workplaces having adopted an open office plan, favoring a labyrinth of cubicles over traditional closed offices, conversational privacy has become an increasingly sensitive issue. A properly designed sound masking system can significantly increase speech privacy and improve the overall work environment.

The Atlas Sound M1000-USA sound masking speaker assembly is designed to accurately reproduce the needed spectrum of masking sound into the plenum space. The innovative 734 in3 square enclosure ensures ample low frequency response. A specially designed 8" dual cone loudspeaker is included in the package. A high efficiency 70.7V internal transformer is coupled to an external selector switch for easy system tuning. For more precise adjustments, an off switch and a wide selection of wattage taps ranging from .25 watts to 4 watts are provided.
The exclusive Atlas Sound EZ hang brackets simplify installation. This innovative suspension system utilizes two collapsible galvanized hangers configured to allow quick upward, downward, or horizontal firing installation. The hangers are factory-installed on the unit and fold flat for shipping. The Atlas M1000-USA is proudly assembled in our Ennis, TX production facility and meets Buy American Act standards. Additionally, to meet most local code requirement, the M1000-USA includes an innovative cover containing both knockouts and a strain relief. This system will allow the use of rigid or flexible conduit (if required) and easily accommodates "through" connections on the removable plate.

Loudspeaker: 8" Dual Cone
Transformer Taps: .25, .5, 1, 2, & 4W
Sound Dispersion: Upward, Downward, or Horizontal
Enclosure Volume: 734 in³
Height: 5.5" (139.7mm)
Length: 11.56" (294mm)
Width: 11.56" (294mm)
Weight: 9 lbs. (3.4kg)

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